Discussions at the Synod

Discussions at the Synod

Catholic World News has comprehensive coverage of the Synd in Rome this month, including this summary of the first day’s sessions. It was interesting to see some of the things brought up.

Cardinal Re mentioned that maybe, since the Synod was about the Eucharist, maybe they should have a time for Adoration each day. Wow, someone didn’t think of that beforehand?

There was also a back-and-forth (some media described it as an argument or as testy) between Patriarch Gregory III of the Melkites and Cardinal Angelo Scola of Venice on celibacy. The patriarch evidently spoke up after Scola mentioned the need to reinfornce the teaching of the need for celibacy.

It was Archbishop Levada, new head of the CDF, who brought up the topic of pro-abortion politicans receiving Communion, which if you were to go by the American press is what the entire Synod is supposedly about.

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Domenico Bettinelli