Dioceses to fire married gay employees?

Dioceses to fire married gay employees?

It looks like the four dioceses in Massachusetts aren’t going to just roll over for gay marriage (so to speak). They are re-formulating their employee policies and may even fire gay employees who get married. I know some of you will say that gays shouldn’t be on the payroll in the first place. Two problems with that. First, there is nothing wrong with a chaste homosexual trying to live according to the Church’s teaching. Two, if the person doesn’t tell you he’s gay, how are you to know?

But, if they go out and get married, that’s a whole different story. That is not someone living according to the Church’s teaching on chastity and on marriage, and they will soon be demanding employee benefits coverage for their “spouse”. And for the Church to provide material, moral, or spiritual support for such perversity would be wrong.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli