Diocese buys land next to abortion clinic

Diocese buys land next to abortion clinic

“Abortion site has Catholic neighbor”

A pale half-moon hung in the blue sky on a cold, windy morning Saturday as about 60 Catholics prayed across the street from Tulsa’s only abortion clinic.

It was a ritual that has been going on several times a week for years.

But now it is different. They were standing on land owned by the Diocese of Tulsa.

Two months ago, the diocese bought just under a half-acre empty lot across the street from the Reproductive Services of Tulsa, 6136 E. 32nd Place.

“This gives us a place where we can hold prayer, and support of life, ... and a place to offer support for people that might otherwise choose abortion,” said Tim Sullivan, executive director of Catholic Charities.

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  • Good for them!  Maybe they could put up something like Birthright of Memphis on the land. You know, actually help those Moms that walk in there by giving them choices like adoption, or help with childcare, etc.

  • In the (paraphrased) words of Fr.Corapi…first, get a fire truck and make the water in the tank holy and hose the whole place down. Then get a nice benefactor to fund a nice high end stone statue of Our Lady or the Holy Family. Then plant lots of flowers, lay some sod, put in some nice benches and some high end playground equipment. Make the property nice and inviting and FINALLY…open a beautiful and proper Perpetual Adoration – Perpetual Rosary Chapel. The Bishop should be there in miter and cope at each milestone to bless, celebrate Mass, etc.

    (Note to Bishops and those who influence them – show up in a clerical suite with cross in pocket, no one notices; show up in choir dress, see you on page 5 next to the grocery ads; show up in miter and cope with Eucharistic Procession free T.V. spot and front page news. We are a visual society.)

    This is EXACTLY the type of thing that individuals of conspicuous wealth should do, buy this type of property via a phantom corporation and then donate it to the Church.