DignityUSA is not a Catholic organization

DignityUSA is not a Catholic organization

It’s funny that certain diocesan “gay, lesbian, bi, tri, whatever” ministries continue the fiction that DignityUSA is a Catholic organization. Just look at what the executive director of the organization writes in the Washington gay newspaper. It is titled “How to survive Benedict’s dictates” and is subtitled: “Catholic seminaries should reject the Vatican’s ban on gay priests, and gay men should still answer God’s calling.”

This is an open and forthright act of disobedience and heterodoxy veering toward outright heresy. She uses words like “denigrate” and “an offensive against gays” when referring to the actions of the current and former Pope. Give me a break. Every word spoken by these popes about homosexuality, and every word in official documents produced by the Vatican under their governance, have been full of loving, even conciliatory, language.

But in the world of the radical gay activist, anything less than outright profession of love and admiration for all the wonders of sodomy is hatred and just plain being mean.

Meanwhile, they spout vile insults and absurdities at men of holiness and Christian self-sacrificing love. Somedays I wish it were the “love that dare not speak its name” so they would stop talking about themselves so much.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli