Dems in self-destruct mode with God talk

Dems in self-destruct mode with God talk

As expected, Mark Steyn offers a trenchant post-election analysis, watching how the Democrats are in full self-destruct mode, flailing about as they look all about for someone to blame for their loss rather than themselves.

As they’ve done for a decade now, the Democrat bigwigs worried about it for a couple of weeks and then rationalized it away: In 2000 they lost because Bush stole the “election”; in 2002 they lost because of that “vicious” attack ad on Max Cleland. The official consolation for this year’s biennial bust hasn’t yet been decided on, but Tom Daschle’s election-eve lawsuit alone offers several attractive runners, including the complaint that Democrats were intimidated by Republicans ‘‘rolling their eyes.’’ Could be a lot more of that if this keeps up.

Already, we’re hearing the far-left fringe start to talk about vote fraud and other shenanigans, which has no basis in reality, only in their fevered imaginings, and of course, how dumb the rest of us are. Instead, they need to look at themselves and see what it is about their campaigning that America didn’t like, not just in the presidential race, but all down the line.

The Kerry campaign and its supporters—, Rock The Vote, etc.—were awash in bazillions of dollars, and what have they got to show for it? In this election, the plebs were more mature than the elites: They understood that war is never cost-free and that you don’t run away because of a couple of setbacks; they did not accept that one jailhouse scandal should determine America’s national security interest; they rejected the childish caricature of their president and paranoid ravings about Halliburton; they declined to have their vote rocked by Bruce Springsteen or any other pop culture poser.

I would add that the voters also rejected the notion that if they held a traditional morality, that they were obliged to leave it out of the polling booth, but if they subscribed to traditionally lefty “morality” they were free to bring it in.

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Domenico Bettinelli