Execution day

Execution day

The long, slow execution of Terri Schindler-Schiavo begins today. October 15 was the day set by the Florida judge for the starvation of a disabled woman to begin. While Terri’s parents fight to save her life, her worthless philandering husband is preventing even a priest from being at her side. Read what Fr. Rob Johansen has to say on this.

Take a look at this picture:
Is this the picture of a woman who is in a completely vegetative state, who is “brain dead,” who is not alive? What happened to Terri’s rights? In a country where abortion is a woman’s right to choose, I guess this is the natural extension of that. We can call it a husband’s right to choose.

I hope some judge, somewhere, or Gov. Bush do something to save Terri. And if Terri’s father takes up arms to save his daughter, I won’t be critical. What a sad for the rule of law and individual rights.

Keep checking Times Against Humanity for the latest on this sad story.

Also, Mark Windsor posts this prayer for Terri and encourages all to join in praying it.



St. Jude e, and it is true that statistically that more college and post-graduate educated people are going to be Democrats than Republicans. But it also shows that for all their education, they’re not less likely to believe in the fantastic and strange, only that they reject traditional beliefs for jazzier ones without a God who makes personal demands on us.

I also found interesting that young people are more likely than the older generations to believe in both hell and the devil. An understanding of the truth of those two things is essential to being a moral person. It’s better to be good because you love God (contrition), but being good because you’re afraid of hell (attrition) is almost as good.

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