Democrats put Cheney accident on official calendar

Democrats put Cheney accident on official calendar

Gee, I’m so glad to see the Democrats bringing a “new tone” to Washington, DC, as they take the majority in Congress. Nothing like engaging in petty antics of “gotcha” politics while the country is at war and we have serious business to attend to. Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi’s office have anything better to occupy its time?

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent out the Democrats’ 2007 calendar this week, which includes the House vote schedule, holidays, commemorative days, the dates when key economic data is published, the anniversaries of key acts of Congress and other special events.

The e-mail from Pelosi’s office reads, “Attached is a calendar for 2007 that has been prepared by Speaker Pelosi’s office. It was originally e-mailed out to Democratic offices in mid-December, but we wanted to e-mail it out again to ensure that all offices had seen it. We hope this calendar helps Democratic offices to plan press events and other activities for their member throughout the year.”

Included in the calendar is a Feb. 11 entry reminding House members of the anniversary of the day Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot fellow hunter Harry Whittington at the Armstrong Ranch.

The item reads simply, “Cheney hunting accident (2006).”

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