Dehydrated baby

Dehydrated baby

Thank you everyone for the prayers and congratulations. You’ll see I posted some new photos over there on the right sidebar. Melanie has written an update on her day. Short version is that Sophia was running a little temp so they wanted to do some bloodwork and check for infection. The results came back with no infection, which is good, but she has elevated sodium, which means she’s a bit dehydrated, even though she’s nursing well with Melanie.

So they’re going to put her in the neonatal ICU overnight for an IV of fluids. Melanie will have to go up and down during the night to nurse her. Since she doesn’t need me to bring the baby to her or change diapers, I think I’ll go home and get a good night’s sleep in a bed and then bring Bella and my mom-in-law over.

Update on my mom, too: She wasn’t admitted to the hospital tonight, but will be admitted in the morning and then have her surgery immediately at noon. I talked to her tonight and she sounded in good spirits. All she asked was that I send her a photo of Isabella and Sophia to keep by her bed along with the photos of all her other grandkids.

Your prayers, as always, are a source of grace and encouragement, and I thank God that I have come to know you all and have been able to share my life with you.

More news, updates, and photos as they become available.


  • Thanks for the new pictures. She is so precious. Absolutely adorable. Will keep the prayers coming for Melanie, Sophia and your mom.

    Here’s hoping all of you get to sleep at home tonight!