Deficits, self-appointed watchdogs, and protest giving

Deficits, self-appointed watchdogs, and protest giving

Wondering why we have to close churches in Boston? One reason is because the archdiocese had a $20 million deficit last year. And that’s not including the $85 million settlement paid by selling archdiocesan property. But the archdiocese says the report is incomplete and the $10 million deficit mentioned by Archbishop O’Malley in November is accurate.

(It’s interesting and illustrative that the Boston Globe got it’s copy of the confidential audit from the VOTF-spinoff Council of Parishes. Just who did they get it from? You don’t suppose it was one of the many VOTF members who are working in the chancery, do you?)

In any case, whether it’s $10 million or $20 million, it doesn’t invalidate the archdiocese’s point that some parishes must close. In fact, even if we were running the black, it still might make sense to close some parishes that are serving areas that used to have a lot of Catholics who have since moved out.