Defending the indefensible

Defending the indefensible

Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review profiles Fr. Kevin William Wildes, president of Loyola U. (New Orleans) who sent out an apologia defending the school’s allowance of a performance of the Vagina Monologues on campus. (Och, the coarsening of public discourse has gone so far that certan words that should be used in private are now used like we were talking about buying oranges.)

Anyway, Fr. Wildes says he allowed a pornographic play that trumpets sin and sexual abuse of minors on his campus because “Loyola University, like any university, is committed to the free expression of ideas and the rigors of debate.” So, if NAMBLA wanted to stage a play on campus that promoted adult men having sex with boys as a good thing, that would simply be “free expression of ideas” and a chance for debate? What if the KKK wanted a chance to speak on campus about its “ideas” and hold a debate? In fact, are there any ideas to which you will not give a platform?

Of course there are. I would bet that if the College Republicans wanted to hold an “Adopt-a-Sniper” fundraiser, like the ones at Marquette wanted to, they would suddenly find their free speech chilled and such things declared not worthy of debate.

  • The rule before Vatican II was that parents had an obligation to send their children to Catholic schools. Now I don’t know if this is binding after Vatican II or not, but it seems reasonable that Catholic parents should send their children to either a Baptist school or an SSPX school, where respect for family life would be taught, and where it would be taught that it is a sin for an older lesbian to seduce a teenager in lesbian activity.  The New Oxford Review had an article on the filth and disgusting lewd homosexual behavior which is being taught in vile explicitness at the Catholic college Providence college, Rhode Island. Also, I know that at Holy Cross college, in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Catholic school celebrated Ash Wednesday by having students participate in the V monologues and showing it on campus on Ash Wednesday. I am sorry, but I don’t agree with the Catholic authorities on this that students should be indoctrinated on Ash Wednesday about the wonderful sexual experiences of a lesbian teenager with an older lesbian.  And the use of the foul language as well on Ash Wednesday seems to be seriously out of place. Why should Catholic parents pay for the filth that we are reading about which is being taught today at Catholic colleges?
        On another note, I notice that the Catholic priest, Father Andrew Greeley has been receiving accolades from Cardinal George concerning the novels which he wrote. I don’t think that the use of four letter words when referring to Almighty God, is something that a Catholic cardinal should be praising.
    I don’t know what happened to the Catholic Church, but I also read in the newspaper that it is alleged that priests have been raping young boys in the confessional??? And that a particular priest who cofounded the North American Man Boy Love Association was given a sterling letter of praise from Cardinal Law???!!!!

  • Dr. (Fr? He may not respond to this title) Wildes can easily be exposed for his liberal tolerance.  One only need to review his work, Moral Acquaintances (a bioethics book he authored not too long ago), which pretty much accepts the liberal agenda at heart and succombs to its demands for tolerance.  One must wonder whether, as some notable Christian thinkers have stated, if Christianity in the United States too has succomb to the liberal agenda (i’m speaking of the political/social liberal agenda as fruits of the Enlightenment project).  The Constitution of the US too was built upon these liberal ideals and maybe Christianity in the US has made a deal with the devil in promoting tolerant attitudes that ultimately undermine the Christian tradition and Christian meaning.  For me, nothing can be so empty of meaning than words like “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Maybe we need to re-evaluate our role in democracy and we should remember that we are Christians first, and God is our first allegiance.