Daniel is here

Daniel is here

Good news for family and Steubenville and Salem friends: My longtime friend Randy Reinbold and his wife Lori have had their first child. Daniel was born yesterday, three weeks early, but mother and child are doing fine.

It’s especially gratifying since just three years ago, Lori was in the hospital for a very different reason. Only a few months after their wedding, Lori contracted E. coli poisoning, and a very severe strain of it. She nearly died of organ failure. it was touch and go for a while. Then, after she recovered, they wanted to have children, but for various reasons it was difficult for them. So, in many ways, Daniel is a miracle child.

I know that the baby is named for Randy’s hometown friend, but I also think it’s a bit of homage to the late Father Daniel Doyle, a priest of our parish who died last month. It would have been his birthday on Wednesday.

God bless the whole family.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli