Dallas bloggers First Friday reparations for Life

Dallas bloggers First Friday reparations for Life

Is there a phrase more infamous than “Roe versus Wade”?

The principal people involved in this most infamous legal case were from Dallas. “Roe” is a pseudonym for Dallas resident Norma McCorvey. Henry Wade was the Dallas district attorney who filed the original charges in the case.

It all began here - in our home town, where we raise our families, where we go to church, where we live, and love, and learn, and work.

We are three bloggers who also live in the Dallas area. We are deeply committed to ending abortion in this country. To that end, we have committed ourselves to the following: On each First Friday for the next eleven months, we will fast and pray for the intention of ending abortion. This will culminate at the annual Dallas March for Life in January of 2008, where we will join our bishop and the faithful of this city in marching to the courthouse where Roe was originally argued.

We ask anyone reading these words to join us. Fast and pray with us each First Friday, no matter how far removed you are from Dallas, for an end to abortion. We especially ask other Dallas area bloggers and residents to join us, at least in spirit.

We will not win this battle in the courts. We will not win this battle
in the media. We will not win this battle in any earthly way. We will
only win through prayer, fasting, and devotion to Christ.

It began here. Let it end here.

Jesus, we trust in you.

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