Cyberjihadists attack Catholic web site

Cyberjihadists attack Catholic web site

The operaters of a Catholic web site in Italy say that Muslim hackers in Turkey have been attacking their site. is named after the motto of Pope John Paul II, “Totus tuus”, which means “Totally yours” and refers to his devotion to the Blessed Mother.

The site’s owners said the hacks have been traced back to Turkey.

“In the past two months we had already suffered 70 attacks,” David Botti told AKI. Botti is the president of the Totus tuus network. He told AKI that 80 percent of those attacks were carried out by Islamic hackers, and of those 25 percent were by Turks belonging to

“Botti said that the source of a hack can be determined by the hacker’s signature, for example a propaganda message with which they replace the original text. “The most frequent is the Islamic crescent symbol with words offending the Holy Father,” explained Botti.

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