CWN getting it wrong?

CWN getting it wrong?

Bill Cork sees that the Massachusetts Catholic Conference testified at the State House in favor of a bill saying marriage should be between a man and a woman, and assumes that Phil Lawler was off-base in asking where are the Massachusetts dioceses on this (Go to the May 6 menu item) and Kevin Miller of HMS Blog quickly agrees with Bill without bothering to think whether they got the whole story.

Uh, Bill and Kevin, for one thing, Phil’s comment was about the four Catholic priests who testified against the bill. Where are the dioceses on those priests?

And in addition, where are the bishops? Why aren’t they on Beacon Hill testifying? They send a couple of underlings from a politically powerless lobbying organization to make some ineffectual comments, but don’t go themselves on an issue of such importance to the fabric of society? But they can’t go because the bishops of Massachusetts, like most of the US bishops, have squandered what political capital they have by the way they have mishandled the Scandal. No politicians, least of all Massachusetts politicians, will heed anything they have to say now.

I think Phil was trying to make both of those points. So before you both, Kevin and Bill, castigate Phil for “getting it wrong,” perhaps you should have asked for a clarification or at least given him the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions.

N.B. I hate to say it because I like some of the people who blog there, but I don’t read HMS Blog anymore. I find some of the posts high-handed and condescending and overbearing. I don’t like to say that because there are people I respect who write there, but those others have pushed me away.