Cuenin’s supporters rave on

Cuenin’s supporters rave on

This isn’t exactly news, but since the Boston Globe and other local newspapers have written it up, I’ll respond. The backers of Fr. Walter Cuenin at Our Lady Help of Christians parish in Newton, Mass., have issued a report saying his ouster was unjustified. I’m shocked! Shocked! Do you mean that his supporters don’t think he should resigned? Please.

Once I ask the question his supporters never seem to answer. If Cuenin did nothing wrong, why did he resign? Why didn’t he fight it? Why did he, at first, ask his supporters not to make a stink (although he evidently later changed his mind)?

Cuenin violated clear and well-known archdiocesan policies via actions that enriched him to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. That alone is worthy of punishment. But like the supporters of Bill Clinton who said he was only guilty of lying about sex and therefore the crticisms must have been solely motivated by ideology, Cuenin’s supporters lamely acknowledge the money he shouldn’t have taken and instead want to claim that the real reason he was removed was because he’s a heterodox dissenter who encouraged others to treat sin as virtue. I wish that it were so.

I will say this again as well: Cuenin should have been removed for voicing his heterodox views long ago. They shouldn’t have waited until they had a financial scandal to pin on him. Heresy is enough.

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Domenico Bettinelli