Cuenin’s revisionist history

Cuenin’s revisionist history

Speaking of Fr. Walter Cuenin, he is scheduled to speak at the annual Religious Colloquy of the Equality Forum, a group whose stated aims is opposed to the Church’s teachings. To quote from the colloquy’s mission:

The apparent conflict between religious fundamentalism and the modern world is often played out in anti-gay rhetoric. While some in the GLBT community simply turn off the television to avoid intolerant speech, others face antagonism from friends and family on a daily basis. This panel explores anti-gay fundamentalism and ways to respond to its adherents.

One guess as to the purported locus of anti-gay religious fundamentalism. Anyway, here is Cuenin’s brief bio: “Fr. Walter Cuenin is Catholic chaplain at Brandeis University. His unfailing advocacy on behalf of the GLBT community led to his removal as pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton, MA.” Really? Because the way I remember it, Cuenin was removed for financial irregularities at his parish, namely taking a stipend he wasn’t entitled to, among other things. But don’t believe me; he’s the one who said it when he gave his farewell homily.

Anyway, Fr. Cuenin preached at his parish this weekend for the last time. He didn’t celebrate the Saturday evening Mass, but did give a short statement during the homily outlining why he had resigned. He explained that he had been receiving a living expense stipend and car lease and insurance payments from the parish over and above what the rules and regulations of the archdiocese lay out.

So has he changed his story? Or have his partisans decided to edit history and turn him into a martyr for their cause?

Meanwhile, also on the docket for the Equality Forum, set to take place at the end of this month: “Same-sex Marriage as Sacrament” presented by Dignity/Philadelphia. Memo to participants: It’s not, whatever gay-friendly priests tell you.

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