Cuenin speaks (and speaks and speaks)

Cuenin speaks (and speaks and speaks)

The other story in the ongoing saga of Fr. Walter Cuenin is an interview he gave to the local rag ini Newton. The headline says he “broke his silence.” When has he stopped talking?

It’s all a lot of self-serving tripe. He very carefully tries to claim that he hasn’t spouted dissent in public.

“I try very carefully when I speak, especially from the pulpit, not to speak against Church teachings, but I always try to say it in a way that opens people’s minds to think about it. For example, on the issue of gay people, I’ve never, in a public setting, spoken against the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

Notice what he doesn’t say. He doesn’t say that he doesn’t hold heterodox views or that he doesn’t speak these views outside of the pulpit. He essentially says that it’s difficult not to speak out against Church teachings. Of course, it’s all bunk anyway. Let’s not forget that he went up to the Mass. State House to a hearing on gay rights and said allowing gays to marry was in conformity with the Church’s teachings on human rights and human dignity. In other words, let him first define what he means by Church teaching: what he thinks it is or what the magisterium has defined it is.

Everybody does it

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