Cuenin resurfaces

Cuenin resurfaces

After long weeks of jetting around the globe (not The Globe) Father Walter Cuenin returns to public ministry on Thursday at Merrimack College, an Augustinian college, as part of a panel on interfaith marriage.

This is the problem with removing Cuenin on financial grounds and not theological grounds. If it was just a money problem, then he can continue to preach and teach without any being able to say a thing. But if he had been removed for heterodoxy and heresy then the archdiocese could have removed his faculties and he would no longer be able to spread his errors.

Update: A reader points out an error that I’ve now corrected. Merrimack is Augustinian, not Jesuit, although if it regularly invites people like Cuenin to speak, you could make a case for it being “in the Jesuit tradition.”