Cuenin asks, Please stop! Or does he?

Cuenin asks, Please stop! Or does he?

Fr. Walter Cuenin pleads with his former parish to stop agitating for his return and they merrily go on their way, ignoring him. “In an email obtained by the Globe...” (Gee, do you think there’s some collaboration going on here?) Cuenin says that it’s clear he’s not returning to Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton, Mass, and that Archbishop Sean O’Malley has told him so. No duh. Anybody who thought that was going to happen needs his meds increased.

Cuenin says that the “energy” expended on the protests could be better used to keep the community together, but as I’ve said all along, there’s also got to be a part of him that wants them to stop so that the rest of the story, which I’ve posited, doesn’t come out. (I’ve said before that all signs point to there being more to story and if the protests keep up, it will all eventually come out.)

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli