CUA stands up to NAACP

CUA stands up to NAACP

I mentioned a story recently about Catholic University of America being threatened with a lawsuit by the NAACP for refusing to allow them to start a chapter on their campus. Looks like CUA is going to stand up to their threats.

The main reason given by the school is that there already two student groups that represent minorities, but unlike the NAACP don’t support abortion. Slam dunk! Sorry, NAACP, but your claims of bigotry don’t trump our right to freedom of religion and association. CUA is a private religious institution, not public and thus does not have to accommodate you.

In a June 4 press release, Mfume called the school’s refusal “outright discrimination, bigotry, prejudice and intolerance all rolled into one. It is at the very least a double standard based on race and social philosophy.”

If it were about race, there wouldn’t be any minority groups on campus. But it’s just like liberals to claim discrimination when it’s really about a refusal to capitulate to their ideology. And where’s the double standard on “social philosophy”? The Church opposes abortion, you support it. If the school actually allowed some pro-abortion groups on campus and not others, than that would be a double standard, but this isn’t it.

Oh, and appealing to the fact that Georgetown, Trinity, St. John’s, and Fordham all have NAACP chapters is laughable. The situation doesn’t apply since they aren’t demonstrably Catholic.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli