Couple to sue over death of embryonic child

Couple to sue over death of embryonic child

Couple plans to bring wrongful death suit over destruction of embryo

A Chicago-based pro-life organization has filed a brief in support of a couple’s petition to bring a wrongful death suit over the destruction of an embryo they wanted preserved in a frozen state for future implantation. Using the in vitro fertilization procedure, Alison Miller and Todd Parrish had one of Miller’s eggs fertilized with Parrish’s sperm at a Chicago-area fertility clinic, the Center for Human Reproduction, but the clinic did not keep the embryo frozen. In February 2005, the couple won leave from Cook County Judge Jeffrey Lawrence to sue under Illinois’ wrongful death statute. That fact has drawn pro-life attention to the case, and the Chicago-based Thomas More Society, which takes on all kinds of pro-life cases, filed a brief Nov. 17 in support of the couple.

Of course, if they hadn’t violated the moral law and messed with God’s gift of life and marital sexual unity and conceived the child outside the womb in the first place, the clinic would not have had the opportunity to kill the child because the couple would not have placed the child in their custody.

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  • Exactly so.

    My impression is that pro-life groups etc did not do much or say much in opposition to IVF. Is that the case, do you know?