Could be a sign of positive change

Could be a sign of positive change

This may be a first positive step for Archbishop-designate O’Malley. He is bringing in a lawyer who specializes in negotiating settlements, a guy he has worked with before. After a year of bumbling by the Rogers law firm and letting them lead the Boston archdiocese about by the nose, finally it looks like some progress is going to be made. Yes, Wilson Rogers is still the titular lead attorney, but we can hope that this is in name only.

And from local news reports, when lawyers for both sides met in court this morning, all sides, including Judge Constance Sweeney, sounded upbeat and positive. That’s remarkable considering that at least three deadlines for making settlements have been missed and plaintiffs’ attorney were making noises last week that they going to ask for a speedy trial date. Perhaps they are as hopeful as I am that a new archbishop means new progress toward a resolution.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli