Could 2003 be worse?

Could 2003 be worse?

California’s new law gives one year to people to sue the Church if the statute of limitations has run out on their sex abuse claims. Of course, the law doesn’t specifically mention the Catholic Church, but everyone knows that’s who it’s aimed at. I’m all for justice, but why is the Church a special case for sex abuse litigation? What about a guy who was abused by his neighbor? He can’t sue, but the altar boy can? This is why legislating according to the front page of the newspaper is a bad idea.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers would rather just get a check than have to slug it out in court and now they have a big stick with which to pummel the Church into submission. The lawyers for abut 100 alleged victims are giving Los Angeles and Orange 90 days to settle.

As I said before, I am not against justice and I certainly don’t defend the actions of the pervert priests or the bishops who aided them. But I also don’t think that a big fat check will do any real good for victims, and I certainly cringe at the idea of the parasite lawyers getting big one-third cuts from the settlements.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli