Couch shopping

Couch shopping


We went couch shopping today. (There are so many names for this piece of furniture: sofa, chesterfield, davenport, etc.) Melanie’s dad offered to buy us a new one for Melanie’s birthday, which is understandable given that the couch he’s been sleeping on during his visit is a broken-down old thing Melanie inherited from her group apartment when she was single. And I think they got it from someone else before them. Each of the past two times we’ve moved, we came very close to getting rid of it rather than lug it to a new place, but then we relent with the knowledge that our only couch would be the futon (not the best option). So we bring it along, planning to replace it later and never get around to it.

But today we packed up the whole gang—Melanie, me, three kids, and Granddad—and trooped off to Jordan’s Furniture. This is my favorite furniture store. Not only is the quality top-notch, but they’ve clearly thought out the whole furniture shopping experience. The store is laid out in one long serpentine trail that takes through beautifully decorated “rooms” that show off how your new couch or bed or table could look. And they think of every detail. Each room even has it’s own soundtrack that sets the perfect mood for the design they’re showcasing. The more masculine but young and urban room plays hard rock, while the upscale and older masculine room plays Sinatra, and so on.

Ironically, the three couches that were finalists were the first three couches we saw. Melanie had a very specific idea of what she wanted: Substantial arms that you can lean against; soft but not too soft for getting up and down; not too many cushions for young ones to scatter about the room. The couch you see in the photo is the one we got, except we ordered it in Navy blue. It comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and springs and five-year warranty for stains, tears, and rips for the fabric.

My father-in-law offered to buy us the special deal—a 13-piece living room set including a couch, love seat, two end tables, a coffee table, lamps, and a 65-inch HDTV for $1999.I was all for it, but Melanie insisted that there was no way we would fit all that furniture in our little living room and she wasn’t going to buy furniture to sell the pieces we don’t and worry about where to store until (if!) we sold it.

I reluctantly agreed that we didn’t any furniture except the couch. But that TV! Oh, I could just picture how it could replace our aged and failing 27” tube TV. But I also realized that a TV of that size would overwhelm the room too. My dream of near-life-size New England Patriots in my living room will have to wait.

As will our new couch. Because it’s a special order we have to wait 4 weeks to get it. In the meantime, anyone want an old sleeper sofa? Perfect for college kids or couples just starting out! Free for the taking! Please! Please?


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