Costco fires K of C member over refusal to rent hall for lesbian wedding

Costco fires K of C member over refusal to rent hall for lesbian wedding

In the Soviet Socialist Republic of Canada, you can’t discriminate against homosexuals because of your religious belief, but apparently they can discriminate against you.

Recall the recent story of a Knights of Columbus council in British Columbia that was fined by the human rights tribunal for refusing to rent its hall to a lesbian couple for a same-sex wedding. So much for assurances of freedom of religion and conscience by the supporters of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Now the story continues. The council member in charge of renting the hall, David Hauser, has been fired from his job at Costco in what he says is retaliation. He says the whole thing was a setup. One of the two women is a co-worker and he says that many of his co-workers are openly gay. He also says that co-workers were asking him about hall rentals for weeks beforehand and that the request to rent the hall was deliberately made when he would be at work so that only his wife would show it to the woman he knew.

Terry Kidwell, State Deputy of the B.C. Knights of Columbus, told in an interview Dec.12 that Chymyshyn “said that ‘she just happened to be driving around and saw the sign’” for the rental of the hall. “Well, that’s a dead end street,” Kidwell said. He indicated “you don’t just happen to drive around” and find that hall and that one would have to deliberately drive to that location and stop to see the small 8 1/2 X 11 sign on the door.

“You can’t see it from the street,” Kidwell stated, adding “You would have had to get out of your car and go right up to the hall to see the sign. There is not a great big sign saying, ‘hall for rent.’”

The story also details the abuse the guy took from his openly gay boss both before and after the hall rental incident and how Hauser can’t find work because of the black mark on his employment record.

The link above includes contact information for Costco. It might be worthwhile telling them what you think of how Hauser was treated. I know I won’t be shopping there until they take steps to ensure that such ugly and open discrimination against Christians won’t happen again.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli