Communion question

Communion question

A reader writes about the following situation:

An acquaintance of mine is an EM at our parish.  We just got a new pastor.  She mentioned that the new pastor requires EM’s to consume all the leftover, consecrated HOSTS after each Mass.

Now, I fully understand the need to consume the remaining Precious Blood, but I will admit I have never heard of consuming the remaining Hosts.  I thought they were to be reserved in the Tabernacle for, whatever, taking to the homebound, etc.  My acquaintance stated that at the last Mass she served at, the EMs had to consume 75 Hosts!  And the pastor wants the choir to continue with music until they are finished!

I’m not exactly an expert on liturgical law, but if any of my readers, especially the priests, have anything to say please jump in. To me this sounds bizarre and outside the bounds of the rubrics.

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