Common sense on criminal background check

Common sense on criminal background check

Here’s an example of differing priorities in our judicial system and its inequities.

In a story about a gang member who was acquitted in the shooting of a little girl, but was later paralyzed for life in what he calls “divine justice” we also learn some interesting details about the jury.

Nelson was acquitted in December 2004 on charges he was part of a shootout that killed Trina Persad as the 10-year-old played in a city park, beating the rap just one day before a Dorchester judge declared a mistrial in the case of his co-defendant, Joseph Cousin.

Five of the jurors who set Nelson free lied about their criminal backgrounds, including one who had an open arrest warrant.

So our justice system can’t be bothered to do background checks on jurors sitting on even capital murder cases, yet the Catholic archdiocese is required to run criminal background checks on the grey-haired grandmothers who clean the altar linens. Does this make sense to anyone else?

N.B. Never mind the stupidity of the juror with the open arrest warrant who showed up for jury duty. Duh.

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