College students are the ones teaching a lesson

College students are the ones teaching a lesson

The young really are the hope of the future. A group of college student Republicans at UCLA tried to illustrate the absurdity and reverse discrimination of affirmative action and ended up proving that liberals are incapable of critical thinking or even having a sense of humor:

    The sale, held on Bruin Walk on Feb. 3, offered cookies at different prices depending on the customer’s race and gender. Black, Latina and American Indian females were charged 25 cents for cookies that cost males of minority descent 50 cents. White females were charged $1, and white males and all Asian Americans were charged $2. 

    Students selling the cookies were assigned name tags portraying them as “Uncle Tom,” “The White Oppressor” and “Self-Hating Hispanic Race Traitor.”

The chairman of the California Democratic Party labeled the students as racist, which is ironic since that’s exactly what the bake sale was to prove. By the way, the student wearing the “Uncle Tom” tag was black and the “Hispanic Race Traitor” was Hispanic. While the tags were supposed to be ironic, they proved that liberals really do think of conservative blacks and Hispanics as traitors and self-racists.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli