CNS attacks CNS

CNS attacks CNS

The Cardinal Newman Society is crying foul over what they call a misleading attack on them by Catholic News Service. The society says CNS raises the unattributed allegation they are setting up a parallel magisterium. Looks like some people, perhaps including people within the US bishops’ conference, of which CNS is a part, are unhappy that the society has been very vocal about abuses in Catholic colleges, including performance of the V-Monologues, as well as perceived criticism of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, DC.

Patrick Reilly, president of the society, gave a talk at Georgetown University recently on whether that institution could accurately still be called Catholic. During that talk the topic of whether to complain about it to McCarrick was raised and the reporter said:

“In a question-and-answer session following his talk, Reilly said that people who want to complain about the situation at Georgetown may be better off waiting a few years before raising the issue with the Washington Archdiocese because it is currently headed by Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick.”

Reilly disputes that contention and in fact said people should complain to the cardinal.

(Disclosure: An expanded version of Reilly’s presentation at Georgetown will appear in an upcoming issue of Catholic World Report.)

Conflict of interest; the bully pulpit

I wonder if this has anything to do with a lawsuit over the use of the initials CNS.

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