CNN anchor laughs at anti-Catholic joke

CNN anchor laughs at anti-Catholic joke

Glad to see CNN anchors yukking it up over an editorial cartoon mocking the Church. Mike Luckovich, cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, drew a cartoon claiming that 80 percent of priests are gay and showing one priest wearing vestments and saying to another, “Does this make me look gay?” Here’s the transcript from this morning’s “American Morning” show with host Miles O’Brien interviewing Luckovitch:

Luckovich: “Well, OK. The new pope wanted to—wants to ban homosexual priests, so you are going to have to lose 80 percent of the priesthood if that happens. But—so I’ve got a bishop here saying—he’s looking down at his vestments, and he’s saying, ‘Does this make me look gay?”

O’Brien: [Laughs]: “It’s—well, you know, it is a fashion statement, isn’t it? All right. And, of course-”

Oh, what a laugh riot by which to mock the Catholic Church. I can’t wait for Monday when O’Brien yucks it up over some cartoons mocking Mohammed. Oops, that’s not going o happen because it would be disrespectful… and mobs of Muslims would burn down CNN bureaus around the world.

Between the cartoonist and the anchor, they’re both cowards because they both attack such an easy target. Note that this wasn’t journalism. This wasn’t reporting or investigation. This was just blatant smearing and insulting the faith of 1 billion people and 65 million Americans.  We’re supposed to believe that CNN isn’t biased?

[Thanks to NewsBusters]

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