Clinton should know about “mixed legacies”

Clinton should know about “mixed legacies”

The Drudge Report says Bill Clinton spoke to reporters on Air Force One about the Pope’s “mixed legacy.”

En route to Rome, Clinton told reporters the pope “centralized authority in the papacy again and enforced a very conservative theological doctrine. There will be debates about that. The number of Catholics increased by 250 million on his watch. But the numbers of priests didn’t. He’s like all of us - he may have a mixed legacy.”

Here’s another non-Catholic presuming to tell us the spiritual health of the Church, how she should be run, and what she should be teaching. Regardless of what the real legacy of the Pope will be, Bill Clinton should not be talking about anyone’s legacy. As the first impeached president who will forever be linked in history to Monica Lewinsky, he should just keep quiet and stay out of the spotlight.

  • “…he should just keep quiet and stay out of the spotlight. “

    Now THAT would be a miracle!

  • In the unlikely event that I cannot remember why I usually vote Republican, all I have to do is remember him.

  • “enforced a very conservative theological doctrine.”

    …and adulterers just HATE that!!

  • As usual, Clinton doesn’t have a clue.  The number of Catholics worldwide increased by 330 million from 1980 to 2004 (according to Georgetown University), not 250 million, while the number of priests declined by 5%. 

    I wonder if he went to communion?  I notice that two of his devout Catholic friends, the senators from Massachusetts were in attendence.  Maybe that’s where Slick Willy gets his information on the Church.

  • Clinton was promoting himself while in Rome, giving interviews, etc.  Our former Narcissist-in-Chief never loses sight of #1.

    Contrast that with the reserve of both Presidents Bush—quality tells.