Clinton allowed to speak at Catholic college

Clinton allowed to speak at Catholic college

I don’t necessarily think there is a connection between the two events, but the Bishop of Buffalo said he would let Hillary Clinton speak at a Catholic college about health care. However, before her speech she collapsed briefly at another event. It was evidently no big deal and her speech at Canisius College went on.

Bishop Edward Kmiec did pull the diocese’s sponsorship of the lecture, but he said that he thought it should go on because “the Church needs to maintain a dialogue with Clinton.” How exactly is allowing the most prominent pro-abortion politician in the country to have a platform to speak at a Catholic institution a dialogue? Where is the back and forth?

And what is this fetish with dialogue? Why should we dialogue with people who have made it clear that they are rabidly pro-abortion? Why not present the Church’s clear teaching and let them respond? Dialogue implies that there can be compromise. On abortion, there can be no compromise.

Also, didn’t the bishops agree last November that pro-abortion politicians should not be granted the honor or opportunity of speaking in Catholic institutions? Isn’t this a violation of that?

As for her collapse, Hillary fainted before giving a speech on Social Security because “she had been suffering from some sort of 24-hour flu.” She was able to go on and give her Canisius speech.