Church must be silent because she lacks moral decency

Church must be silent because she lacks moral decency

Boston’s gay newspaper tells the Catholic Church that because of past missteps, the Church is not allowed to speak on moral issues.

You’d think public relations 101, or for that matter decency 101, would motivate the Boston Catholic Archdiocese to keep a low profile on high profile issues; at least for a few years as the dust settles around their scandal-plagued glass house. They are sadly not so motivated and the arrogance of this institution was so transparent last week that I’m convinced the statewide belly laugh at Monk O’Malley’s audacity could be heard in Iowa, which is where Romney basically resides these days anyway.

Of course, if you were to bring up the misdeeds of homosexual activists and suggest that this in any reflects badly on the homosexual activist movement, you’d be called a homophobe and accused of stereotyping, lacking forgiveness, of not recognizing that people can change, and so on.

Meanwhile, the author of the commentary anticipates cries of Catholic-bashing and replies that he can’t be accused of such: “And spare me the accusations that I’m a Catholic basher for bringing this up. I’m writing here as a beleaguered member of the Church.” Riiight…. And what exactly makes the author, Kevin Sowyrda, a Catholic? Because he goes to a Mass somewhere? Because he received the sacraments? Or because he hold and believes the Catholic faith in its entirety? As a widely quoted anonymous speaker once said, “Sitting in a pew no more makes you Catholic, than sitting in garage makes you a car.” If I had a nickel for every blowhard who said he couldn’t be blamed for bashing the Church and dissenting from her teachings because he is Catholic, I’d be rich.

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