Christmas List

Christmas List

Doing my Christmas shopping and here’s some stuff I saw that might make good Christmas presents for you or your loved ones. (Hint to family: I wouldn’t mind seeing these under the tree either. >wink, wink<)

  • I think you are missing the 3rd installment of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King! (extended version, of course).  4 more days! 4 MORE DAYS!

  • Just started reading Scripture Matters – great book!  Might I recommend ‘Salvation Matters’, by Roy H. Schoeman.  Like St. Paul on the road to Damascus, Mr. Schoeman had an instantaneous conversion.  EWTN’s Doug Keck, recently interviewed Mr. Schoeman on his program, ‘Bookmark’.  Roy will be Marcus Grodi’s guest on the January 10 edition of ‘The Journey Home’.

    The book, however, is not about his conversion.  From Mr. Schoeman’s web site:

    “The purpose of the book is to give the Christian reader a deeper understanding of Judaism, both as a religion in itself and as a central component of Christian salvation, and to reveal to the Jewish reader the incomprehensible importance and glory which Jews and Judaism most truly have; a glory and importance which is only revealed in the light of the Catholic faith. It traces the role of Judaism and the Jewish people in Godoted not in Christianity, but in the most anti-Christian of forces.

    The structure of the book is chronological, tracing the interaction between God and man which takes place through Judaism and the Jewish people. The analysis is woven around the interplay of God, the Jewish people, the Messiah, the Gentiles, and the adversary of mane you enjoy this book as much as I did!

    Mr. Schoeman also addresses a question that has plagued me for years. He writes:

    Both Matthew and Mark explicitly mention Jesus’ silence as well as the underlying motive of envy. From Matthew 27:12-18:

    “But when he was accused by the chief priests and elders, he made no answer. Then Pilate said to him, “Do you not hear how many things they testify against you?” But he gave him no answer, not even to a single charge; so that the governor wondered greatly … For he knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him up.”

    Mr. Schoeman points to the Lemann brothers (also Jewish converts) who made the touching point that Jesus’ silence before the High Priest was motivated by His profound respect for the office of the Jewish Priesthood. Mosaic law forbids compelling a witness to testify against himself. It was because Jesus did not want to put the High Priest in the position of sinning against that law that He refused to answer the High Priest’s questions even though beaten for it. (John 18:19-23) which he then quotes. Jesus acquiesced only when the High Priest ordered Him to answer in the name of God.

    This is extraordinary! I am not familiar with Mosaic law and could never have figured this out. Can you imagine! Here is the sinless Son of God respecting Jewish laws so as not to cause his accuser to sin!

  • I’d like to suggest DMarco’s “Architecture of the Culture of Death” esp. the chapter exposing Ayn Rand’s silly little philosophy.