Christian Conservatives coming roaring back

Christian Conservatives coming roaring back

Marvin Olasky on the impact that Christian conservatives made on this year’s election.

    Liberals are likely to become very angry as they analyze the election returns and see that the oft-reviled “religious right” has made another comeback. In Colorado, where Republican Wayne Allard held onto a Senate seat many predicted he would lose, exit polls showed the “religious right” turning out and going 85-12 in his favor. In Georgia, evangelical voters gave a surprise Senate victory to Saxby Chambliss. So it went across the country.

I’m not as giddy as some about the results. The current GOP leadership, except in the House, has failed to prove to me that it is committed to truly Christian and conservative principles. When the partial-birth abortion ban is passed, I will begin to feel better. When conservative judges are approved, I will really feel better. When tax cuts and effective government reform hit the president’s desk, I will begin to have hope. But they have to eanr my trust and hope, because they’ve abused both before.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli