Cho’s wasn’t the only violence-obsessed writer at VT

Cho’s wasn’t the only violence-obsessed writer at VT

After the murders at Virginia Tech last week, we found that the killer, Cho Seung-hui, had been asked to leave a creative writing class because other students felt threatened. Yet why didn’t his extremely violent and disgusting writings set off warning bells sooner?

Maybe because his professor, famed poet Nikki Giovanni, is herself the author of violent and disgusting poetry. They’re so bad that I won’t reproduce them here. You can read them if you click on the link.

What’s especially sorrowful is that Giovanni was asked to give the closing remarks at the university’s convocation memorializing the dead, but there was nary a mention of her colleague, a true hero of that day, Prof. Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who gave his life giving his students time to get away from the killer.

As more and more information comes out about Cho and his obessions with violence and deviant sex and his extreme anti-social behavior, we’re left wondering how no one took definitive action to prevent this trgaedy. But, of course, we’ve discarded the idea that a university should act “in loco parentis” and instead, they have become incubators for the most radical and bizarre ideologies and anti-social institutions masquerading as academia. Why are we surprised?