Choose what?

Choose what?

What is it that pro-abortion types have against “Choose life” license plates? Several states now have specialty auto license plates with the slogan on them and the extra funds go toward adoption and crisis pregnancy centers. Planned Parenthood and the usual suspects always challenge the plates in court, claiming that the government is practicing viewpoint discimination and providing a forum for one view without providing the same forum for the opposing view. So they want a “Choose Death” plate of their own?

The “Choose Life” slogan is inoffensive. Pro-abortion activists say they are “pro-choice,” i.e. women should be able to choose to kill their unborn babies. OK, the law says they can do that now. But shouldn’t the converse be true—that women can choose to keep their babies alive? That’s all the plate is doing. It’s not advocating the end of choice (although most pro-lifers think it’s a false choice and one that should be illegal, as so many other choices are, such as murder). It’s saying that if you must have a choice, then choose life for your child.

Is it somehow inappropriate for government to promote the viewpoint that life is good? Should it be neutral on the subject of life vs. death?

Besides, the government already promotes the “Choose Death” viewpoint. Planned Parenthod receives tens of millions of dollars every year from the federal government. If making “Choose Life” plates provides an unequal forum, then perhaps we should demand that the government should provide an equal amount of cash to pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy centers as it does to Planned Parenthood. Maybe PP would like a dose of its own medicine.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli