Cats playing corner, dogs playing fullback

Cats playing corner, dogs playing fullback

Forgive yet another foray into sports, but I have to rejoice a little in the New England Patriots’ unexpected win over the St. Louis Rams yesterday. I really thought the Rams would have an advantage over the Pats because the Pats have so many injuries at key positions. But one thing we’ve learned about coach Bill Belichick is to expect the unexpected, and thus when they’re weak at cornerback, then Belichick puts wide receiver Troy Brown out there at corner. And when they’re shorthanded at fullback or tight end, he puts linebacks and defensive lineman in there. They even had the kicker throw a touchdown pass and a former college wrestler who never played college football playing on the offensive line.

That’s why this comment by Patriots tight end Christian Fauria yesterday struck me as funny:

You’ve got linebackers catching touchdown passes, receivers playing corner. Cats and dogs living together. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this. For all the guys we had hurt, it’s ridiculous how we overcame adversity.

Catch the “Ghostbuster’s” reference in there?

  • I was waiting for you to toot your horn, Dom. That pass by Vinatteri was classic stuff. Something Martz would do. When you can get to Bulger with what was basically a 3 man rush and shut down the Rams, you deserve to win BIG, which y’all did.Rams offensive line is ‘offensive’ and porous. Brady is something else. You guys should have fun in Jan and Feb.

  • I confess, I was a doubter. I thought the Pats chances for a loss yesterday were pretty good. But I didn’t think that Dillon would play. He makes a big difference on that offense. Heck of game. Just adds more to the Belichick mystique, “In Bill we Trust!” Go Pats!!

  • I can’t believe you actually were concerned that the Patriots would have a difficult time with this game.  C’mon, Dom, the Rams lost to the Dolphins, for crying out loud.  As a Miami fan, believe me, I know a bad team when I see one.  On a more hopeful note, unless I’m unaware of any stupid trades, Miami could be in the running for the top draft pick next year.

    Anyway, election night was my “Super Bowl” this year, and, of course, the right team won!!!

  • I particularly liked the graphic CBS showed near the end of the game; all the times teams from Boston have beaten teams from St. Louis.  It’s a good thing I’m cheap or I would have spent the rest of the night trying to separate the broken glass from the tv screen from my shoe.

    Seriously, here in St. Louis we know a bad team when we see one, too.  That’s why the Dome was almost empty by the end of the game.

    Best fans in baseball, si.  Best fans in football, no.