Catholics in Parliament

Catholics in Parliament

Interesting political news from across the Atlantic: The new UK Education Secretary in Tony Blair’s cabinet is evidently a 36-year-old devout Catholic Irish-born mother of four who happens to be a highly regarded economist. Her formulation regarding the intersection of her faith and her public work is interesting:

“I am a practising Catholic. These are not issues I have discussed with anybody but clearly I have strong personal principles,” she told the Independent newspaper recently. “I would have to abide by them in my political career if they are strong personal principles.”

What she’s saying is different from, say, your typical pro-abortion Catholic (although she is apparently pro-life). She’s saying that her personal principles are private, but they do have an effect on her political career. Good for her.

I hope that this is a sign that pro-lifers and devout Christians are making inroads into the majority Labor party’s leadership. Britain certainly needs it because the abortion mentality is certainly more deeply imbedded over there than it is here.