Catholic schools continue return to New Orleans

Catholic schools continue return to New Orleans

In another sign of a return to normalcy, the Catholic schools office returns to New Orleans.

“The real significance of this move is that this clearly indicates that the Archdiocese of New Orleans is committed to a Catholic education in New Orleans,” Maestri said. “We are committed. There must be a New Orleans. How poor our country would be if there was no New Orleans.”

The schools office was the archdiocese’s first administrative operation to return to New Orleans. Other offices remain in a Baton Rouge office park, with plans to return to temporary accommodations at Incarnate Word Church on Apricot Street in New Orleans next month, Maestri said. Repairs to the chancery should allow all departments to resettle in their original location by March or April.

Tracking the recovery of New Orleans (and let’s not forget the devastated Gulf Coast) will be interesting. How soon will we all forget their disaster? How soon did we forget 9/11? (Well, not all of us have forgotten.)

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