Catholic Media Promotion Day

Catholic Media Promotion Day

Today is the first Catholic Media Promotion Day in which we name and promote all of our favorite Catholic media productions in all the various forms: blogs, podcasts, radio, TV, apps, and more. 

First, let me promote something new I’m working on The Good Catholic Life, a radio show and podcast based in Boston that covers everything about living a good Catholic life. We cover news of the day from a Catholic perspective; initiatives and ministries in Boston and eastern New England, and beyond; and profiles of Catholic leaders. We’ve only just begun and already we’ve started a huge buzz among our audience.

Now, on to my favorite Catholic media. I’ll give you lists of three:

  1. The Wine Dark Sea (of course)
  2. Conversion Diary
  3. American Papist
  1. The Break with Fr. Roderick
  2. Catholic Weekend
  3. Catholics in a Small Town
iPhone apps
  1. CatholicTV
  2. iBreviary
  3. Pilot Parish Finder (of course)
I could go on an on with the lists, but I’ll limit myself here. Check out these and other Catholic media, especially any that you don’t know and be sure to promote them far and wide.

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  • It’s great to see technology used for a good purpose.  And not just technology for technology’s sake. 

    I subscribe to Magnificat and am able to download it to my iPad, which is nice.  I have a Droid phone and use the Mass Readings app.  Are the apps created by the Archdiocese also available on the Droid platform? 


  • IBreviary is a really good one, and Im actually quite fond of mySaintPio too. It’s not a really massive program, its actually rather simple, but still pretty nice if you are a fan of Padre Pio.

    I’ve tried to get into Catholic Weekend, but it just doesnt seem to work for me.Maybe I need to try it again. Have you listened to Catholic Underground?

  • I’ll admit that Weekend’s style and format may not appeal to all. I do listen to Underground although I sometimes miss shows and it’s not quite a regular schedule so it didn’t make my top 3. Still quite good.

  • There was another I was fond of, “Catholic Diner”, but they haven’t put out a new podcast in a while. Which is unfortunate, because the two guys who hosted it had such a great banter going on.

    It’s really tough to put out an engaging podcast that is neither too preachy, nor too monotonous, you know? So many of them fall into a “drone” that has you fast forwarding through half the podcast.

    I also really like “American Catholic Radio” and “The World Over”. Thanks for this topic, I had actually tackled it earlier today before I saw your post!