Catholic colleges turning against Monologues

Catholic colleges turning against Monologues

The Cardinal Newman Society reflects on this year’s Valentine’s Day battles over the V-Monologues and finds reasons for hope.

Catholic Campus performances of the morally offensive Vagina Monologues continued their steady decline this year, the result of a six-year campaign by the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS).

The number of Catholic campus performances and readings of the play dropped to 21 this year, from a high of 32 in 2003.  Most significantly, at the University of Notre Dame a planned performance has been pushed off campus because no academic department would support the event. For the past five years the Monologues has been performed at Notre Dame despite annual scoldings from Bishop John D’Arcy and outcries from alumni and other Catholics.

Likewise, after a five-year run St. Louis University refused to support the play this year and forced students to move their performance off campus. And Providence College president Rev. Brian Shanley, courageously stood by his decision last year to ban the play despite a campus rally opposing the ban and a petition signed by 1,200 students, faculty, alumni and others.

“Once again we have reclaimed ‘V-Day’ for its true purpose,” said CNS president Patrick Reilly.  “The Cardinal Newman Society joins faithful Catholic students, alumni, parents and others in celebrating the more than 200 Catholic colleges that did not host this play, as well as the students and faculty who organized alternative programs to support women in a mature and loving way.”

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli