Catholic colleges link web sites to pro-abort groups

Catholic colleges link web sites to pro-abort groups

Back in 2002 I started a blogswarm when I blogged that certain Catholic college official web sites were linking to pro-abortion and pro-gay web sites. (See the original posts here and here.) We followed up with an article called “Strange Allies” in the January 2003 issue of Catholic World Report. The resulting publicity pushed the colleges to remove the links and bluster appropriately about academic freedom and open information and that the administrations didn’t know about them.

It looks like after waiting for the furor to die down, the pro-abortion, pro-feminist, and pro-gay activists are once again using Catholic college web sites to promote their agendas. The Cardinal Newman Society has sent around a press release detailing the problem. It’s not available online yet so I’ll reproduce it in full after the jump…

Update: Looks like they have it on their site now.
Correction: I had the date wrong on the CWR article. “Strange Allies” appeared in the January 2003 issue, not February as I’d originally written.

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Domenico Bettinelli