Catholic Charities dissents from Church teaching

Catholic Charities dissents from Church teaching

Someone please explain to me why Peter Meade remains on the board of Boston Catholic Charities and is apparently in the inner circle of Archbishop Sean O’Malley’s advisors? The four bishops of Massachusetts, having taken the time to think about, have decided to ask the state to allow them to abide by Catholic teaching and be excluded from the a requirement to allow gay adoptions. State law requires adoption agencies to allow adoptions by gays.

When the practice hit the newspapers three months ago (although some of us have been talking about it for years), rather than correct the situation, the bishops formed a committee to study the issue. What’s to study? The Church’s teaching is that placing children with gay or lesbian couples does a kind of “violence” to them. But Meade apparently doesn’t think much of the Church’s teaching, whether it’s ignorance or something else.

“This is an unnecessary, unmitigated disaster for children, Catholic Charities, and the Archdiocese of Boston,” said Peter Meade, who remains a board member.

The unmitigated disaster is the state of catechesis in the archdiocese.

Of course, it’s not just Meade, the outgoing chairman of the board who, by the way, remains on the board. The whole 42-member board voted in December to continue the practice. This is no surprise, of course. This is the same board that voted three years ago to accept a donation from Voice of the Faithful over the objection of Cardinal Bernard Law.

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Domenico Bettinelli