Catholic Blog Awards voting is coming

Catholic Blog Awards voting is coming

There’s been some worrying that voting for the 2006 Catholic Blog Awards wouldn’t happen after all because the expected date for voting to open came and went. Do not fret. Joshua LeBlanc, who’s so generously running this event, was experiencing some Internet connectivity problems but voting should start tomorrow.

Now some people are already predicting problems with the voting, but such concerns are ill-placed. Yes, last year there were some questions and concerns that blogs no one had heard of were being nominated and voted for in great numbers—leading to speculation of vote tampering—while others complained that worthy blogs were not even put on the ballot.

Addressing the concerns

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Seems to me people who get all bent out of shape about this are probably the people who took student government elections too seriously in high school.

  • Josh with all his hard work had certainly recognized the problem from last year – notably with just one blog – and with the panel overlooking the voting that just won’t happen.

    The only other problem was a blog that at the time wasn’t Catholic, but now has swum the Tiber.

    I used the same method you used and only chose one when at the fifth position multiple blogs had the same vote count.

  • Do you mean a link as in relationship or as in hyperlink?

    Running this blog didn’t affect my decision. I was nominated in several categories (for which I thank everyone), but in only one was I among the top nomination-getters. With my criteria, I included myself in my voting in that category and did not in the others.

  • I meant hyperlink.
    When you find a blog that hyperlinks to bettnet, does that add five nominations to the blog? (tongue firmly ensconced in cheek)

    Yours in Christ,