Please pray for Fr. Johansen-UPDATED

Please pray for Fr. Johansen-UPDATED

Update: Fr. Rob is okay. He posts this morning that rumors of ill health and being on death's door are not just exaggerated but completely untrue. I am grateful to hear that but somewhat chagrined that somone would cruelly perpetrate such a hoax. I hope that it was just a miscommunication on the part of the person that emailed Mark and not intentional. At the least, I'm glad to hear Fr. Johansen is in good health. Perhaps the Holy Spirit arranged to have many prayers said for him. That's a nice way of looking at it.

I just heard some bad news via Mark Shea.

Fr. Rob Johansen, who is a longtime blogger at Thrown Back, has apparently fallen ill. Here’s the email Mark received.

Please pray for Fr. Rob Johansen. You may remember that he used to have a blog called “Thrown Back” (long abandoned). I’m told Fr. had a serious heart attack and they’re not sure if he’ll pull through. Let’s storm heaven!

Fr. Rob and I had an interesting dinner and visit a couple of years ago as he passed through Salem on a trip. Here’s a photo of us outside my parish, Immaculate Conception.

Please pray for him.