Cardinal O’Malley on the Latin Mass

Cardinal O’Malley on the Latin Mass

On Friday, in his latest blog entry, Cardinal Sean O’Malley had some thoughts on Latin in the Mass, the Tridentine Mass, and the expected universal Indult. It starts with a question from a commenter who has heard the recent media buzz about the document that would purportedly allow any priest to celebrate the Tridentine Mass without having to seek permission from his bishop first. This person is probably getting his information from the mainstream media—itself full of misinformation—and thus gets the whole thing garbled.

You encouraged questions in an earlier post and I am wondering if maybe you could explain to me the recent buzz about the Tridentine Mass and it’s potential ‘restoration.’ What will this mean, specifically for the Archdiocese of Boston? Will our Priests have to say a Latin Mass or will this be optional?

First, let me say that it is very encouraging that the cardinal is taking the opportunity on the blog to answer questions on current and controversial issues. I hope he keeps it up, even if it might stir up some controversy. Getting directly in touch with the people like this, without the media filter, is very effective and heartening. As for the question itself, you can see the garbled understanding. Obviously, no one is saying or predicting that the Tridentine Mass will be made mandatory.

The cardinal’s response has some interesting tidbits. He doesn’t address the topic of the rumored indult head on, pretty much ignoring it as you’d expect. I don’t expect him to discuss something that isn’t official yet.

Indult permission and praying Latin alone

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