Cardinal Law does his penance

Cardinal Law does his penance

Cardinal Law is doing his penance by meeting with survivors of sex abuse and their families. I don’t know what’s going on at these meetings, but I don’t expect that they’re pleasant for anyone there. I will give the cardinal credit for doing the right thing and the tough thing.

The article also says Cardinal Law plans to meet with leaders from Voice of the Faithful. Specifically, he intends to ask them about their call for “structural change” in the Church. That’s not the only thing he should be questioning: Massimini’s article on their web site, Swidler’s “Constitution for the Church,” the connections to Call to Action, the invitations to pro-abortion speakers at their conference, statements made by a priest at their conference that he hoped a married woman would someday replace him as celebrant at the group’s Mass.

I hope the cardinal will not only listen, but also probe. I’m afraid that he might go for the “big tent” model that we see in politics and overlook VOTF’s flaws. Some may think that VOTF can be de-fanged by embracing them, defusing the anger, and letting them fade away. I don’t think that will happen because the heterodox people behind VOTF’s agenda will not let it go away until they get their agenda in place.

Caution, your Eminence, meet with them, but don’t embrace them.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli