Cardinal George orders priests out of double life

Cardinal George orders priests out of double life

I’ve been following the recent Chicago Scandal stories, but haven’t said much because I didn’t have much to add. Apparently, a priest was accused two years ago of abusing a child. He wasn’t removed from his parish until last month when he was arrested by police. Everyone is asking what Cardinal Francis George knew and when did he know it.

In the midst of the firestorm, the cardinal has sent out a letter to his priests, although the media has got a copy of it.

Seemingly stunned by the ongoing issue of priest sex abuse, the cardinal has called for any priest living a double life to come forward for the good of the church….

And then, the Archbishop of Chicago delivered a direct demand of all who wear the collar.

“There is so much I remain unaware of, yet I am, in the end, responsible for it all. I want to say now that if there is any priest that is leading a double life, he should for the sake of the Church come forward.”

Two things: First, why is he stunned? Did he really believe Archbishop Wilton Gregory, then the president of the USCCBureaucracy, when he said two years ago that the Scandal is “history”?

If he were serious about the problem…

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Domenico Bettinelli