Canadian religious order group offers open dissent

Canadian religious order group offers open dissent

An organization that represents 230 religious congregations in Canada has offered open and blatant dissent from the Church’s clear teachings in the areas of homosexuality, women priests, divorce, contraception, euthanasia, and more. Addressing the Canadian bishops as they prepare for their ad limina visits to Rome. (Every seven years every bishop in the world must travel to Rome for meetings with the curia and the Pope.)

The document takes issue with Church teaching on divorce, contraception, condoms and even assisted suicide.  “We regret,” says the CRC, “In terms of ethics and bioethics, the holding up of an ideal that leaves little room for advancement and progress; the defence of principles that do not reflect human experience (divorce, contraception, protection against AIDS, alleviation of suffering at the end of life).”

The document further laments Church teaching against homosexuality.  “We regret,” the document says, “The legalistic image of the Catholic Church - and of our Canadian Church - its rigidity and its intransigent stands on sexual morals; its lack of openness regarding access to the sacraments for divorced and remarried Catholics, its lack of compassion for them; its unwelcoming attitude towards homosexuals.”

It’s the same old, liberal morass of relativism and the trumping of personal inclinations over the requirements of the Gospel and metanoia. They even invoke the dreaded Roman beast.

The CRC takes direct and unabashed aim at ‘Rome’ - meaning the authority of the Pope.  The document says “we regret ... The unconditional alignment of our Church with directives issued from Rome.”

Sorry, folks, but it your Church isn’t “aligned” with Rome then you’re not part of the Church. We must be in communion with the Peter and the apostles, not the other way around. Which of you did Jesus appoint as head of the Church?

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